St. Monica Parish

St. Monica Parish was established July 15, 1976 and is located at Rt. 68 South, Lubeck, WV.  Mass time is 8:30 a.m. every Sunday.

St. Monica Mission Statement:

We, the members of St. Monica Parish, believe ourselves to be a people called by God the Father, baptized in His Son, Jesus, and gifted by the Holy Spirit to grow in Faith, Hope and Love.  

We accept Jesus Christ, our Lord, as the center of our lives, and we believe each member to be uniquely gifted.

Acknowledging what we have received, we respond by declaring ourselves willing to share in building the Kingdom of God.    

God’s plan brought us together in Lubeck; our work in building the Kingdom continues here. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we dedicate ourselves to be:

A people of faith, searching for a deeper understanding of our Lord and His Gospel, growing ever stronger in our Christian commitment and sharing our faith experiences.

A people of hope, praying, listening and responding to the call of God in the community and reaching out ever further to touch the lives of those who yearn for the hope that only God’s presence brings.

A people of love, sharing God’s blessing by compassionate service to our neighbors in their spiritual and material needs.

In a spirit of unity with our fellow Catholics, our Bishop and the Holy Father, we embrace this mission and commit ourselves to it for the greater honor and glory of God, for the service of the Church and for the salvation of souls.

For more information regarding this parish, please visit St. Monica Parish.