What is is an online, comprehensive site of inspiring Catholic content for every parishioner, of all ages, and every household in our parish boundary!

  • Transformational video-based study programs including accompanying study guides essential for discipleship
  • Beautiful videos and captivating full-length feature films to bring families together
  • Life-changing Lighthouse Talks™ to inspire your faith and to share with others
  • Inspiring eBooks to enliven your faith, for personal and small group study
  • Resources for sacramental preparation and enrichment
  • Unlimited access to beautiful, full color leader and study guides allows participants to move the message from head to heart. Using guides in small groups facilitates discussion, reinforces concepts, and builds community

How Does It Work?

  • Our parish has been assigned a parish code that parishioners use to register for FORMED
  • Our parish code can be shared with anyone in the parish boundaries - CODE = HT32KY (only type HT32KY)
  • Once you are registered, you are able to access all of the content 24/7.

For additional information please visit our FORMED page by clicking HERE